Agrarian discontent dbq

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Agrarian discontent dbq

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They had good paragraphs for agrarian discontent. In class we have to right a thesis for the dbq. Here is the question Farmers' Issues Documents A-H reveal some of the problems that many farmers in the late nineteenth century () saw as threats to their way of life.

In?Agrarian Unrest and Populism,? we examine the reasons for agrarian discontent and trace the manifestation of that discontent from the Grange, through the Farmers? Alliances, to the formation of the Populist Party and the drafting of the Omaha platform in Mikayla Brock Mr Brown APUSH Agrarian Discontent DBQ In the late 19th century, many farmers felt that they were not being treated nor represented well in our nation.

Their dissatisfaction with the American society became known as the agrarian discontent. Big businesses led all aspects of society. The railroad companies saw that they could make great profit off of the poor farmers.

Agrarian discontent dbq. 7 July Economics; Betweenfarmers believed that the railroad companies were swindling away their profits and that the government favored big business.

Western Farmers Dbq

The farmers had every reason to feel some sort of discontent because of their predicament as well as the fact that the government saw a need for. Documents A-H reveal some of the problems that many farmers in the late 19th century () saw as threats to their way of life.

Using the documents and your knowledge of the period, a. explain the reasons for agrarian discontent, and b. evaluate the validity of the farmers’ complaints.

Agrarian Discontent Dbq. Betweenfarmers believed that the railroad companies were swindling away their profits and that the government favored big business.

Agrarian discontent dbq
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