Animal shelters in japan

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Animal Shelter in Iwakuni, Japan

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Street Animal Welfare

← Aibi On adopting a dog in Japan. Most of the animals in the shelters in Japan and Okinawa are from exiting service people that find it a pain in the ass to take the animal back. Horrifically, they often breed the animals too, creating generations of homeless pets.

Every year, Japan gasses 80 percent of the cats and dogs in its shelters, which receive around animals a day. There are only two vets in the Kanto area who actively advocate spaying and neutering.

Although the numbers vary depending on the source, most sources indicate that between 82 to 88 percent of all animals at shelters in Japan will be put down, with roughly 11 percent being adopted.

The remaining fraction is passed on to pet shops, kept for image, or sold to labs. The reason for these high culling rates is overcrowding. Shelters receive around animals a day, and manage to rehome an. Love Your Pet, But Not the Mess.

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Animal shelters in japan
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