Animal testing kills

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Using Animals for Testing: Pros Versus Cons

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Vivisection Information Network

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Animal testing

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ONE animal in NSW is killed every hour during testing for new medicines and cosmetic products. The Daily Telegraph can reveal animals - including birds, guinea pigs and endangered marsupials.

What is animal testing? Animals used in laboratories are deliberately harmed, not for their own good, and are usually killed at the end of the experiment.

Animal experiments. Animal experiments include: injecting or force feeding animals with potentially harmful substances. Iowa has two types of animal feeding operations (AFOs) regulated under the Department of Natural Resources: confinements and open feedlots. See the overview below for general information about the two types of animal feeding operations and state regulations that affect them.

- Animal Testing is Animal Cruelty The way I look at animal testing is a form hateful cruelty. None of these people care about if it hurts or kills the animals.

The cruelty has been going on long enough and I. Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside barren cages in laboratories across the country.

Animal testing kills
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