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Howard Dean

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He would hold his forehead. The dean of the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law is defending protesters who disrupted a speaking event by aggressively heckling a conservative professor. Graduation Speech (sample) Friends, graduates, and anyone who can remember the sweet taste of a welcome future with the spice of opportunity.

Let's celebrate with. Announcement. Dean officially announced his candidacy on June 23,at a rally in his home state of Vermont, overlooking the Church Street Marketplace, in the heart of Burlington (Vermont's largest city). During his announcement speech, Dean stressed the importance of.

Welcome Class of 2016: Dean Phil Weiser's Class of 2016 Orientation Speech

Dean's Honor Symposium The spring Lang Dean’s Honor Symposium is a conference at which students present their academic work and co-curricular projects to the Lang community. The application process is designed to identify outstanding undergraduate research and creative projects. Reunion Weekend Dean’s Pin recipients CCT ’s cover story on William V.

Campbell ’62 Published quarterly by the Columbia College Office of Alumni Affairs and Development for alumni, students, faculty, parents and friends of Columbia College.

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Congratulations to the Dean's List students and to their family and friends whose encouragement and support no doubt played prominent roles in their academic success. And condolences to all of you who were foolish enough not to .

Deans speech
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