Divorce case studies

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Is Divorce Bad for Children?

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New Marriage and Divorce Statistics Released

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Christian views on divorce

After divorce, children who spend a significant amount of time with each parent (shared parenting) do better academically, socially, and psychologically. The Kansas Supreme Court has approved packets of basic divorce forms for self-represented parties. (see Administrative Order )The forms were developed by the Judicial Council Family Law Advisory Committee to provide common Kansas-specific forms that a self-represented litigant can use.

Case studies. This is a selection of short case reports sent in by practitioners, showing the remedies at work. Names and personal details have been changed.

New Marriage and Divorce Statistics Released

When a Complaint for Divorce is filed in Family Court in Nevada and the other party responds by filing an Answer and Counterclaim, the first thing Family Court does is set a mandatory Case Management Conference (CMC). *SCOTLAND Scotland moves toward looser divorce laws (still stricter than our divorce prevention proposals).

Of course, their model for a loosened divorce law is the same thing that we are working for as a stricter law -- two years' wait without consent.

After divorce, shared parenting is best for children’s health and development

This page answers common questions about the relationship between divorce and financial aid. It discusses which parent is responsible for completing the FAFSA, the obligations of non-custodial parents to pay for college, college support agreements, the obligations of stepparents, and the ability of non-custodial parents to take advantage of the various tax benefits for education.

Divorce case studies
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After divorce, shared parenting is best for children's health, development