Gecko tape

Gecko-inspired adhesives allow people to climb walls

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The Invention

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Reusable gecko-inspired adhesive tape shrugs off the

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The Invention

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Gecko Tape

Waffle of California, Berkeley ronf eecs. Contact, it is ruled for fixing specimens to traditional equipment. Arundel's Gecko Bar Tape is one of these polymer Amazon's Choice for "gecko tape" Sewell Direct AirStick Microsuction Tape by Sewell, mm, mmxmm Sheet - As seen on MOS products - Mount - Retail Packaging - Black.

by Sewell Direct. $ $ 13. Conventional adhesive tape sticks when pressed on a surface. A new gecko-inspired synthetic adhesive (GSA) does not stick when it is pressed into a surface, but instead sticks when it slides on the surface. A similar directional adhesion effect allows real geckos to run up.

“Biomimicry: Making Gecko Tape” is a hands-on activity in which audiences use a material similar to one that scientists are researching to mimic the ability of gecko toes to adhere to vertical surfaces.

Geckos' feet are right up there with adhesive tape, when it comes to being able to stick to things. Unlike tape, however, those feet retain their adhesive qualities even after many, many uses. Unlike tape, however, those feet retain their adhesive qualities even after many, many uses. Gecko Tape can be used in the same way as an adhesive transfer tape* to serve as an ideal specimen fixation tool for analytical equipment.

The tape's stable fixation force does not allow specimen to displace during the analysis. So, unlike glue or tape, a gecko’s sticky feet attach and detach effortlessly, a trait envied by mechanical engineers.

Gecko tape
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Gecko-inspired adhesion with stiff polymer micro-fibers