Imagining life on mars

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Cue "Hotline Bling" references.

Imagining Life On Mars

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I look upon the stars. Gazing into it. Imagining life on Mars. Wait a minute I'm here.

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Not there. Well, that's life.

Mars Is Even Less Hospitable Than We Thought

Recent missions to Mars haven't turned up definite proof of life, but some tantalizing possibilities have been uncovered. Life on Mars: Exploration & Evidence Recent missions to Mars haven't turned up definite proof of life.

People have been imagining life on Mars for hundreds of years but it seems to becoming an increasingly popular destination at the moment. We've got a growing number of films, games, VR "experiences" and of course books.

Life on Mars: Exploration & Evidence

But there's another factor that makes life on the surface of Mars next to impossible: perchlorates. Imagining Mars: A Literary History by Massachusetts English professor Robert Crossley is very impressive in many ways. One is not likely to find many who have such a depth of knowledge about all the books the have been written about our neighbor in space.

Imagining life on other planets often involves imagining how we’ll make alien environments a little more like those that we have at home. It should be just as important to recognize that living.

Imagining life on mars
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Ready, set….Mars! Imagining life on the Red Planet