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A Cross-Cultural Study of Moral Development in Turkey and the United States, The Structure of Change in Cognitive and Social Development ( and, eds.) (forthcoming). White, Charles B.

Although moral development of children has long been ascribed predominantly to the effects of parenting, there has been little systematic examination of the specific nature of this relation. In this paper, we identify four foundational components of children's moral development (social orientation, self-control, compliance, self-esteem) and four central aspects of moral functioning (empathy.

He proposed that moral development occurred in three stages, and his theory, unlike that of Piaget, focused on the reasoning behind moral decisions, not on the choices themselves.

Kohlberg called the first stage the preconventional level. The article presents an investigation of the effect of situational mitigators on moral evaluations of and advocated sanctions for hypothetical behaviors involving criminal, civil, and constitutional law issues and the relationship between cognitive moral development and the impact of the situational mitigators.


Start studying Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. He proposed that moral development occurred in three stages, and his theory, unlike that of Piaget, focused on the reasoning behind moral decisions, not on the choices themselves.

The movie John Q, you will see Kohlberg’s postconventional stage of moral reasoning in action, down to John Q’s resignation to accept whatever punishment.

Moral Growth and Maturity and the Church John q moral stage of development
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