Maximin minimax

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Quantitative Methods, Maximax and Maximin Conditions

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Maximax and Maximin Strategies

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Maximin rule Identify the worst outcome for each decision and choose the decision associated with the maximum worst payoff. Minimax regret rule Determine the worst potential regret associated with.

Using the Equal Probabilities criterion, the best decision for Harold is to plant Crop C. Pessimism (Maximin or Minimax) Criterion State of Nature Alternatives Abundant Rain Average Rain Crop A Grows well regardless of weather Crop B requiring little water Crop C requiring great amount of water Crop D requiring average amount of water The best decision using.

approach, including the maximin criterion and the minimax regret criterion, which seeks to maximize the smallest possible outcome and minimize the largest regret that may be experienced, respectively [6].

Maximin definition is - the maximum of a set of minima; especially: the largest of a set of minimum possible gains each of which occurs in the least advantageous outcome of a strategy followed by a participant in a situation governed by game theory.

Maximin (Pessimist) The maximin person looks at the worst that could happen under each action and then choose the action with the largest payoff.

Théorème du minimax de von Neumann

They assume that the worst that can happen will, and then they take the action with the best worst case scenario. The maximum of the minimums or the "best of the worst". This is the person who puts their money into a savings account because they could lose.

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Maximin minimax
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