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Northwrite Inc

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NorthWrite is the events arm of the NZ Society of Authors, Northland Branch. We started out in with the highly acclaimed writing conference, NorthWrite The Business of Writing.

In we focused on collaboration and writers working with writers.

PNNL to give helping hand to small green energy businesses

This culminated in a collaborative writing competition, the winning entries of which can be. Jim Erickson, NorthWrite’s implementation manager for the project, said that the Onset monitoring hardware is especially suited for the New York pilot because it is rugged, easy to install, expandable, and can be used remotely via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular connection.

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Energy Analysis Vendor’s Directory The Vendor’s Directory is designed to let readers know about some of the choices available for energy analysis tools. Northwrite SF When I came back to the UK I missed being part of a face-to-face group and looked around for something similar to the way the Beaverton group worked.

I found it in Northwrite SF, run by Jacey Bedford (you should check out her novels, she writes wonderfully engaging SF and fantasy and is published by DAW). And in Whangarei, I was involved with Northwrite, a writing festival, along with authors Joe Bennett, Paula Green, David Hill, Fifi Colston, Zana Bell, Diana Menefy and Deborah Challinor.

Publicist Lorraine Steele and I talked about promotion.

Northwrite address finder
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PNNL gives a helping hand to small green businesses | EurekAlert! Science News