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Kurrent—500 years of German handwriting

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Kurrent – Kurrent is an old form of German-language handwriting based on late medieval cursive writing, also known as Kurrentschrift, Alte Deutsche Schrift and German cursive.

Over the history of its use into the first part of the 20th century, German writers used both cursive styles, Kurrent and English cursive, in parallel, location. Sütterlinschrift (German pronunciation: [ˈzʏtɐliːnˌʃʁɪft], " Sütterlin script") is the last widely used form of Kurrent, the historical form of German handwriting that evolved alongside German blackletter (most notably Fraktur) typefaces.

The Kurrent script, which is commonly known as “The Old German Script” evolved from the gothic cursive handwriting at the beginning of the 16th century. The gothic cursive had been in use throughout much of the medieval ages and had developed into a staggering number of different writing styles.

The Kurrent Alphabet. Below is a full chart of the Gothic handwriting alphabet in Kurrent style. The numbers 1 to 10 are also shown. The letters and numbers on this chart are the ones that you will be learning how to write momentarily. Fancy Handwriting Letters Beautiful Handwriting Letters Handwriting Letters A-Z Letter T Handwriting Worksheets Handwriting Print Letters Traceable Letters for Handwriting Handwriting Fonts Alphabet Handwriting Sheets Handwriting Alphabet Handwriting Alphabet Fonts Single Handwriting Line Handwriting Clip Art Handwritten Letter Alphabet Letter.

wikipedia, kurrent is an old form of german language handwriting based on late medieval cursive writing, also known as kurrentschrift, deutsche schrift ("german script") and german cursiveover the history of its use into the first part of the 20th.

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