Ora-00439 feature not enabled materialized view re write anime

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[Materialized Views over DB links]HA Problem with ORA-02019

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Features in SQL Server but Not in Oracle

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Materialzed view rewrite

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Thinking about downgrading from Oracle Enterprise to Standard Edition?

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I am trying to create a materialized view log on my master table acquisition. The master table is in the same database as materialized view. I am trying to satisfy all the criteria to reproduce commit on senjahundeklubb.comng a mv log is one of those.

CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG ON acquisitions TABLESPACE users WITH PRIMARY KEY INCLUDING NEW VALUES; I am trying to create a materialized view log on my master table acquisition. Failed to create a materialized view log on master table.

XE :: ORA-00439 / Feature Not Enabled / Partitioning In 10g

ORA feature not enabled: Advanced replication - "feature not enabled. Thinking about downgrading from Oracle Enterprise to Standard Edition? For example, the usage of materialized view is shown, but without the distinction about those using query rewrite (which is an EE feature) One important thing to do is to import into a Standard Edition and check what fails with an ‘ORA feature not enabled.

ORA feature not enabled: Materialized view rewrite. Question: Materialized view rewrite FALSE. Materialized view warehouse refresh FALSE. Database resource manager FALSE. Spatial FALSE. Visual Information Retrieval FALSE. Unused Block Compression FALSE. Fast-Start Fault Recovery. Views. Views are known as logical tables.

They represent the data of one of more tables. A view derives its data from the tables on which it is based.

Ora-00439 feature not enabled materialized view re write anime
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