Science spectra

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Visible spectrum

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Anyone who has tried to reproduce a realistic-looking "rainbow" spectrum either photographically, in print, or on a computer screen will have found that this is not trivial. NIST site provides chemical and physical property data on over 40, compounds.

Anyone who has tried to reproduce a realistic-looking "rainbow" spectrum either photographically, in print, or on a computer screen will have found that this is not trivial.

Download free infrared spectra library – FTIR Library (go to page bottom).

Valuable FTIR spectroscopy webpages:

transferred. What are infrared spectra? Infrared spectra are „fingerprints“ of molecules. ADVANCED TOOLS FOR SCIENCE - TECHNOLOGY - MEASUREMENT - MONITORING - STREAMING. Data Analysis. Data Acquisition.

Popular. Popular TaqMan Real-Time PCR Assays Antibodies Oligos, Primers & Probes GeneArt Gene Synthesis Cell Culture Plastics; Applications & Techniques.

Science spectra
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science-softCon Spectra Data Base