Why stop drinking soda

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10 Reasons to Give Up Diet Soda

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Stop drinking soda, for (your own) good

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6 Good Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda Immediately

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Help and answers for women who love someone that suffers from addiction. Online an Empower Yourself · Awarding Winning Blog · Collaborate With Members. Is Diet Soda Bad for You? The Truth About Diet Drinks. Drinking one diet soda a day was associated with a 36% increased risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes in a University of Minnesota study.

Here's why. Financial Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda. If saving money motivates you to kick a bad habit, here are the top three financial reasons to quit drinking soda. 1. 5 Soda Habit. For some people, drinking several sodas a day is a force of habit. You know drinking soda is a habit when you find yourself going to the grocery store at 10 p.m.

because your refrigerator is tapped out. 6 It Is Cheap. Soda may be pretty inexpensive when compared with fruit juice and milk. That news may be enough to convince you that you should stop drinking soda, but it could still be easier said than done. "People really can become addicted to soda.

Why stop drinking soda
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22 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda