Writing a diary entry year 6 sats

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SATs Survival Year 6: Reading Revision Activity Mat Pack 2

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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Diary Writing Examples

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Offensive week the teachers will make one child that they have noticed original empathy. Feb 22,  · Year Five have been studying The Highwayman this term. We have loved it! Bess diary entry (The Highwayman).

February 22, / nfpssl. Independent writing at its finest! Read our diary entries and see if you can spot where we have cleverly used figurative language. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Original Writing: Diary entry. Worksheets to support the above scheme of work. Includes letters from the front, 'Dulce et Decorum est' and Exposure' by Wilfred Owen. Range of research and reading tasks. This term of Year 6, we will be continuing to use the book ‘Wonder’ to develop our writing skills.

We will begin by writing diary entries from some of the characters of the book portraying their emotional journey through the day’s events.

applying their knowledge when writing diary entries and newspaper reports. Year 6: Post-SATs writing projects Year 5: Narrative Poetry Year 5 - Tennis and Athletic Year 6 - ricket and Athletics PE Music Year 5 will be having music with Miss Hardwick, from.

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Writing a diary entry year 6 sats
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